CCAA Administrative Team
Paul Campbell Jr.
Exec. Director & CEO
Hernan Pena
Deputy Executive Director & COO
Doug Boston
Deputy Director and CFO
Ira Campbell
Director of IT & Security
Britton Corbin, P.E.
Director of Engineering
Doug Isley
Director of Public Safety
Denise Mitchell
Corporate Omsbudsperson and Executive Assistant to the CEO/Executive Director
Tammy Alexander
Manager of Administration
Robert Carew, A.A.E.
Manager of Properties and Contracts
Edward Cavadias
IT Operations Manager
Jason Dack
Manager of Facilities
Julie Free
Manager of Human Resources
Nicholas Haynes
Manager of Airport Security
David Morrow
Manager of Procurement
John Robison
Manager of Ground Transportation
Roger Schwartz, ACE
Manager of Operations
Nathan Yokoyama
Manager of Engineering and Construction
Charlene Gunnells
Media Communications Coordinator
Sharon McGhee, MA PHR
M/W SBA Coordinator
Donna Kennedy
Management Accountant
Rev. Robert J. Reid, Th.D
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