Our Mission

Our vision, mission and core values are the heart and soul of Charleston County Aviation Authority.  They define and clarify the direction and set a standard of excellence that will enable us to achieve our strategic priorities, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and become a leader in the aviation industry.

Connecting Charleston and the world


The Aviation Authority’s vision is to be recognized as a world-class facility that serves as the aviation gateway for citizens, businesses and visitors and supports significant economic opportunities in the Lowcountry.

The Aviation Authority’s mission is to provide safe, efficient, excellent air travel and related services for customers of our airports while maximizing economic development opportunities and respecting our unique Lowcountry environment.


S – Safety
Ensure the highest degree of safety and security for our passengers, tenants, staff, and other stakeholders.

T – Team
Foster a culture of engaged and highly motivated individuals who work together to achieve the Authority’s Vision.

R – Respect
Ensure that an attitude of care and consideration for us and others is embedded in our work environment.

I – Integrity
Adhere to highest ethical standards fostering a work environment of trust in each other and our relationships with our stakeholders and communities we serve.

D – Diversity
Build an inclusive team based on mutual understanding and respect of our individual differences and similarities.

E – Excellence
Provide efficient, quality customer service while maximizing financial performance from the roadways to the runways through highly trained and dedicated staff working collaboratively with stakeholders and community leaders.

S – Sustainability
Continue our commitment to the principle of sustainability by strategically and competitively balancing environmental resources, economic objectives and social systems, as we invest in new opportunities and build upon existing relationships. 
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