Badging & Security

The Badge and ID Office is responsible for issuing airport Security Identification Media (badges) to employees who work at Charleston International Airport. Individuals who work and require unescorted access to the SIDA and secure areas of the airport must possess an airport issued CHS security badge. A locked after-hours badge drop-off box is available outside the Badging and Security Office.  Please only place returned badges in the box as any paperwork left will not be accepted.  Any badges returned after hours will be acknowledged via email on the next business day. 

Pass and ID Appointment Times
Monday - Thursday - All types of paperwork, except ramp permits, between 8-12pm and 1-3pm.  Please ensure all paperwork has been completed prior to your arrival time.  If your paperwork is not complete or you are late for your appointment you will be rescheduled.  
Friday - Ramp permits and all other type of paperwork.  
Online Training - Monday through Friday and must be scheduled with a daily limit of two at a time.
Badge returns We will accept badge returns daily from 3:00pm -4:00pm.
Closed on Holidays and weekends.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Closed daily Noon to 1:00pm

Contact Information
Phone: 843-767-7289
Fax: 843-767-7148

Office Location
The Badge & ID Office can be accessed by the elevator or stairs located between the Rental Car Pavilion and the Baggage Claim Area. 

Outside of Office Hours: Please call 843-767-71100 for all badges that are lost, stolen or need to be suspended due to termination of employment or policy violation. 

Please click here for more information on Pass & ID operating hours and new precautionary measures in place.  

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