ID's & Permits

ID's Offered:

  • Airport ID Badge (Color will be determined by level of access needed)
  • Parking Card

*The Charleston International Airport DOES NOT issue temporary identification to media

Application Process:

  • Read and complete the appropriate application(s).  Please note that cross outs/white outs are not permitted on any application.
  • Agree to and pass a criminal and personal history background check.  This includes submitting fingerprints.  (Not required for those ONLY requesting parking cards for parking in Employee Lot B or Remote Lot).
  • For Airport ID Badge: Once your background has been cleared your certification official will be notified with instructions on the classes you will need to complete to obtain your Airport ID Badge. 
  • For Parking Cards: Once your background has been cleared you will be able to pick up your Parking Card and will only be given access to the parking areas. 

*Please see our Fees page for information on the costs associated with all ID's. 

Vehicle Permits Offered:
  • Permanent Ramp Pass - issued on a yearly basis to companies that are permanent fixtures onsite. 
  • Temporary Ramp Pass - Issued at a maximum of 6 months for contractors and temporary site vehicles.  Expiration dates will vary based off  insurance and/or registration dates.

Application Process for All Vehicle Permits:

  • Bring the required application, general liability insurance ($5 million minimum), vehicle insurance, original vehicle registration, and driver's license. 
  • One of the security personnel will inspect your vehicle and sign off that your vehilce meets all qualifications.
  • You will return with your completed inspection paperwork to the Pass & ID Office to be issued your applicable vehicle permit. 

* Please see our Fees, Forms and Flyer pages for all fees, applications and regulations regarding vehicle permits and inspections. 



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