Vehicle Permits

Vehicle Permits are issued on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Requests must be turned in to the Badging Office no later than 48 hours prior to pick up.
All vehicles driven on the AOA/SIDA (secure area) must be registered with the Badging Office. While on the AOA, registered vehicles must have a valid vehicle permit displayed in plain view on the driver’s side windshield at all times. All vehicles MUST have magnetic door plaques or permanent markings displaying the company name. Lettering must be a minimum of 2 inches tall and visible up to 50 feet away. Vehicles MUST also have an amber light on the vehicle roof.

Vehicle Permit Application 

Restricted Area Access Request

Prior to receiving a permit, each vehicle shall be required to pass safety inspection and the owner/driver must provide proof of insurance. The safety inspection is conducted at Gate 18 using the checklist below. Items that have failed inspection must be corrected before a vehicle will be issued a permit.
Vehicles satisfactorily completing the inspection will be registered with the Civil Aviation Security and Regulatory Department and assigned a numbered permit to be affixed to the lower left windshield or on the left side of the dashboard.
Company vehicles will be issued permits only when the CCAA verifies that each vehicle is covered by a valid insurance policy. The following statement is required on the face of the insurance certificate:

“Charleston County Aviation Authority, its officials, servants, agents, and employees are named as additional insureds.”

 The minimum limits of coverage shall be as follows:
  • Automobile Liability Insurance, Bodily Injury and Property Damage (per accident) Combined single limit $5,000,000. 
  1. Each airfield approved vehicle shall be equipped with at least one five pound carbon dioxide or dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  2. Tires shall be in serviceable condition. Grooved tires must have a minimum depth of 1/16 of an inch.
  3. For all vehicles that are not equipped with headlight dimmer switches, headlights must be focused to strike the ground no more than 50 feet   ahead of the vehicle.
  4. All vehicles must have two operating taillights, stoplights, and appropriate turn signals.
  5. Emergency brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle when placed in drive with the motor running and only the emergency brake engaged.
  6. Windshields, rear glass, and side glass must be clear and unbroken.
  7. Vehicles so equipped shall have windshield wipers, horns, and speedometers in operating condition.
 Contractors performing construction at the airport and any company owning vehicle(s) requesting authorization to drive on the AOA must complete and submit to the Badging Office a Vehicle Ramp Permit Application.
Once issued, a permit is valid for whichever comes first:
  • a period of six months, or
  • until the expiration date on the insurance policy, or
  • until the expiration date of the contract with the company.
 Lost or stolen vehicle permits must immediately be reported to the Security Department (843-767-7289) or after hours to the Communications Center (843-767-1100). Individuals with a lost or stolen permit must then file a report with the Aviation Authority Police Department before a new permit will be issued.  
Individuals applying for replacement of a lost or stolen vehicle permit must submit a copy of the police report, a company check or money order in the amount of $30 and a completed Vehicle Permit Application to the Badging Office.
Expired vehicle permits should be removed from the vehicle immediately and the vehicle removed from the SIDA area.
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