Strategic Plan

Note from the Chairman of the Board and
Executive Director and CEO of Airports 

It has been an exciting time at Charleston International Airport!  We are no longer a small town airport but instead a world-class facility that continues to set records for enplanements and provide a passenger experience for our residents and visitors alike. 

We have both been honored in our roles as Chairman of the Board and Executive Director and CEO of Airports during a time of great change. We had just finished up the last details of the land sale to Boeing, for the expansion of their assembly plant here in the Lowcountry, and immediately following broke ground with our Terminal Redevelopment Improvement Program (TRIP).  Our main goal with TRIP was to in increase the capacity of the Airport by 50 percent to account for the unprecedented growth experienced at CHS.  These improvements included the complete modernization of the terminal building, expanding the apron and concourses, construction of a new rental car pavilion, an energy efficient central energy plant, renovating the baggage hall and introduction of a consolidated checkpoint all while continuing to manage the airport’s day-to-day operations. It’s hard to believe we had 3.7 million passengers, coming and going, encountering exposed duct work, wiring, temporary walls and a slew of construction workers as our $200 million expansion and renovations consumed the state’s busiest airport.  But because of our wonderful airline partners, tenants, and staff, we continued business as usual, and worked together to deliver the best experience possible during some challenging working conditions.  

We are proud that the airport not only reflects the genuine charm and hospitality of our award winning city but that we were able to contribute more than $1 billion dollars to the region’s economy through jobs here at the terminal that were created as a result of the increase in visiting air travelers.  In addition, TRIP has created 1,400 local jobs and added $211 million to the local economy. It is clear that Charleston International Airport has and continues to play a significant role in the region’s economy by serving as a gateway for travelers from around the world.  This airport, along with our neighboring partners, Charleston Air Force Base and Boeing, are a strong economic force and our impact on the region will continue to be felt for years to come.  

It has been an incredible journey, but it’s not over.  In order to continue our success we have to keep thinking and planning for the future.  Our strategic priorities, defined in our Five Year Strategic Plan, will serve us as a guide while embarking on future expansion.  We will work to enhance and sustain our air service and to provide passengers with unparalleled customer service while managing the airport in the most efficient, safe and economical way, so we can proudly say “Your Travels, Our Pleasure.”

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