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Airport resumes normal operations following AM evacuation

Around 5 a.m. today portions of Charleston International Airport were evacuated.
TSA agents determined an iPad in a screening machine appeared suspicious. Screening operations ceased and passengers waiting to go through the checkpoint were asked to evacuate the building. Airport police and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad were immediately called to investigate.
The iPad was removed and its owner detained for questioning. Following an investigation conducted in cooperation with the TSA, the FBI and the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, the Bomb Squad determined that the iPad was not a threat.
Paul Campbell, executive director and CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority, said:
“Safety is always our first priority. We are not going to sacrifice safety for any reason. I am pleased with how everything was handled this morning. I applaud the passengers who responded appropriately. No one panicked and they evacuated in an orderly fashion. Our police responded quickly and did a great job assisting our passengers and securing the area so the Bomb Squad could do its work. TSA and CHS did a terrific job responding to the incident and afterward worked efficiently to screen passengers so they could resume their travels.”
The airport resumed normal operations at approximately 7 a.m.
The owner of the iPad was subsequently released from questioning and rebooked on his flight.
As always, passengers are encouraged to check their flight status with their airline in case there are delays and to rebook missed connections.
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