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Airport transformation, new brand image to be genuinely Charleston

Charleston International Airport today unveiled its new brand to complement the airport’s extensive modernization and to foster an internationally recognizable and genuinely Charleston passenger experience for the 3.4 million plus people who fly in and out of the Holy City annually.

The rebranding coincides with completion of the Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program (TRIP).
Unveiled in conjunction with today’s rededication, is a vibrant brand strategy, visual identities and an advertising campaign for the Charleston County Aviation Authority, owner and operator of Charleston International, Charleston Executive Airport and Mount Pleasant Regional Airport.
“A key part of our strategic plan is providing passengers with the amenities and experiences that create a great travel experience, a genuinely Charleston experience,” said Paul G. Campbell Jr., executive director and CEO of the Aviation Authority. “Our brand and the logo that represents the brand will resonate with our passengers, airport employees and those who use CHS as a business and leisure travel gateway to and from Charleston.”
This is the first comprehensive airport branding effort for the Aviation Authority and its airports, establishing a single, consistent visual identity and a brand that serves as a guide for future marketing, communications and operational needs.
Over the years several images have been used to define CHS. Most were variations of an airplane.

The new logo – an iron gate reminiscent of the work of famed Charleston blacksmith Philip Simmons – is a fresh take on a quintessential Charleston icon.

“The new look would likely make Philip Simmons proud, as if the artisan himself designed it to join the many other pieces of ironwork around Charleston that attract and awe visitors,” said Helen Hill, chief executive officer of the Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. “When we say to passengers ‘Your Travels, Our Pleasure’ what could be more welcoming? What could be more distinctive? What could be more distinctly Charleston?” Hill said.
Creating the brand and new logo was the work of many people, including Aviation Authority employees, board members, community and business leaders, aviation experts and passengers using Charleston International Airport. In all, more than 120 individuals provided input to inform the rebranding effort, said Charlene Gunnells, manager of media communications and CHS brand manager.
“A brand is so much more than a pretty logo. It’s a symbol of who we are and how we do business. It defines Charleston International Airport and our general aviation airports,” Gunnells said. “We want people to come to know and expect a great airport experience. We want them to choose Charleston International Airport because when we say ‘Your Travels, Our Pleasure.’ we mean it.”
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