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Aviation Authority surpasses blood drive goal of 40 pints

More than 30 people at Charleston International Airport donated 43 pints of blood during the May Aviation Authority/American Red Cross Blood Drive.
IMG_1227-fb.jpgIn addition to Aviation Authority employees, workers from the airlines and construction teams at CHS also donated, helping reach and surpass the goal of collecting 40 pints of blood.
“I want to give a big thanks to everyone who took my challenge to make a difference,” said Paul G. Campbell Jr., executive director and chief executive officer of the Aviation Authority. “Each pint of blood donated can impact up to three lives.”
Everyone who donated was entered in a drawing for a $100 prize. Aviation Authority Operations Manager Roger Schwartz was the winner.
During the blood drive, four people gave double red cell donations. A double red cell donation is similar to a whole blood donation, except a special machine is used to allow the safe donation of two units of red blood cells during one sitting. Those eligible for double red cell donation are type O, A negative or B negative.
The next CCAA blood drive will be Nov. 3 for Carolina-Clemson bragging rights.
“I am throwing down the gauntlet and issuing another challenge,” Campbell said. “The Carolina/Clemson blood drive will allow donors to vote for their favorite team by giving blood.”
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