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TSA canine Jack retires at CHS

Jack the TSA dog retired Jan. 20, 2017, from his life of working in airports and at other important functions where safety and security was his duty and responsibility.

Jack-IMG_1849.jpgA Belgian Tervuren Shepherd, Jack was easy to spot because of his thick, soft, black and tan coat and his always watchful brown eyes. For the last seven years Jack has worked at Charleston International Airport.  He will spend his retirement with his handler Bobby Jones of Hanahan.

“In acknowledgement of Jack’s seven years of faithful service to TSA and his country, Jack will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a retired TSA canine – he will be welcomed in the TSA offices for visits upon his discretion,” South Carolina Federal Security Director Steven R. Corey said in Jack’s official retirement letter. “Thank you Jack for your continued faithful contributions to TSA, the state of South Carolina and your country.”

After he was officially retired in the CHS Consolidated Security Checkpoint, Jack’s fans and passengers were allowed to scratch his ears and pet him as he chowed down on his retirement treats. His “Do Not Pet” vest was removed and he trotted out of the airport for the last time as a working TSA canine, giving the baggage claim one last sniff before he went.

Jack was born in the Czech Republic, and moved to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, where he enrolled in the Transportation Security Administration’s National Explosives Detection Canine Training Program. He began his course of study to become an Explosive Detection Canine, and graduated in December of 2009 after a 10-week course. His duties included, but were not limited to providing searches of buildings, buses, trucks, boxes; as well as planes, trains and automobiles.  Jack has a distinguished work history, and has been deployed across the country to participate in various operations, such as supporting POTUS details, conventions, local community activities, and the PAPAL visit.

Jack has performed his daily duties efficiently and effectively, and has served his country well by preventing the introduction of explosive devices into the transportation infrastructure; he patrolled and protected the traveling public and his co-workers for 7 years, as well as serving as a goodwill ambassador wherever he worked.

In his spare time, Jack likes to play catch, but more importantly, he protects his house from the mailman, the UPS driver, all menacing squirrels that trespass and the occasional dangerous leaf or plastic bag that may blow past the house, Jones said.

Jack will celebrate his 9th birthday on Feb. 12; and it is now time for Jack to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and retire to a life of chew toys and treats. However, he will use his acquired detection skills to sniff other dogs at the dog park, and search the floor for food crumbs.

Jack was a staple at Charleston International Airport for the last seven years and a friend to many TSA and airport employees. He will surely be missed.

P.S. Jack has already planned, and will be taking his first vacation to Folly Beach, where he plans to play in the sand and ocean, and looks forward to chasing seagulls.

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