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Labor Day Travel Tips

Labor Day travel tips from Paul G. Campbell Jr., executive director and CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority.
Here are some helpful tips to create a positive passenger experience at Charleston International Airport during holiday travel or any time you travel.

Due to our growth, the airport is busy. Already this year (January through July) 2.6 million people have flown in and out of the airport. Remember, parking lots fill and lines form quickly. The airlines and TSA recommend that travelers arrive at the airport:
  • two hours before scheduled departure if flying domestically 
  • three hours before scheduled departure if you will be connecting to a flight going overseas.
These are considered minimum arrival times for departing passengers. Passengers risk missing their flight or finding the security checkpoint closed if they do not follow the arrival recommendations.
Other tips to ease travel stress.  Allow plenty of time to:
  • Find parking. You may have to park in a lot farther away and catch a shuttle to the terminal. If you don’t want to drive, have someone drop you off at the airport or carpool. Ride sharing and taxi services are widely available throughout the area. CARTA bus service is also available. 
  • Check in with your respective airline.
  • Go through the security checkpoint. 
Check your bags before you get to the airport to be sure you have not left something that is not allowed in the checkpoint or on and aircraft. The discovery of prohibited items can slow down and or stop the security screening process for everyone in line. Not sure if you can take something in your checked or carryon luggage? Go to and look for the “What Can I Bring?” feature.
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