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Uberx drivers must have permits to pick up airport fares

Uberx drivers that pick up passengers at Charleston International Airport without proper operating permits will be cited by Charleston County Aviation Authority police.
Taxi, shuttle and charter operators working at the airport must have all required state and municipal permits as well as CCAA permits. Uberx drivers that do not have permits and are found picking up airport passengers will receive a warning the first time along with information on how to apply for a permit. Second and subsequent offenses could result in tickets, fines and vehicle impoundment.
The CCAA’s decision is two-fold: It is for the safety and welfare of passengers and to ensure that taxi, shuttle and charter operators can conduct business in a competitive and fair environment. For the protection of passengers, the CCAA requires that ground transportation companies provide proof of insurance and operate vehicles that are in clean and safe working condition.
“We cannot hold the permitted ground transportation operators to one set of regulations and ignore those regulations for Uberx drivers,” said Mike Heider, manager of ground transportation services. “We are happy to provide Uberx drivers and other forms of ground transportation operators with the opportunity to work here, but they must have a permit to do so.”
The CCAA Ground Transportation Ordinance sets a standard of conduct and management of taxi and charter operators. Permitted operators:
  • Must provide proof of an outstanding driving record with no offenses involving the use of alcohol or drugs while driving.
  • May not have a record of any felony offense and cannot have been involved in an accident that resulted in the death of any person.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.Uberx vehicles would be classified as a charter vehicle. A charter permit costs $120 a year and $1 per pickup for a vehicle with 15 seats or less
Any commercial ground transportation provider, including Uberx drivers, may drop off passengers that are picked up elsewhere, but may not pick up passengers or solicit business at the airport without proper permits, Heider said.

Anyone interested in applying for a ground transportation charter permit to operate at the airport can do so by contacting the CHS Ground Transportation office at 843-767-7026 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. More information about the Ground Transportation Ordinance is available on the airport web site at

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