Baggage claim is getting a makeover


With 2.6 million passengers a year, CHS’s baggage handling system needs an update to keep up with the growth. With the exception of a few temporary walls, passengers won’t see the work as they make their way through the airport. It is all happening behind the scenes.

The 30-year-old machinery that moves baggage from the plane to arriving passengers will be replaced with new, modern equipment and technology. This will improve the efficiency of baggage handling by the six airlines offering air transportation services to and from Charleston.

Adjacent to the International Concourse, work began in August 2013 to build a new, third baggage carousel. When complete, Carousels 1 and 2 will be replaced one at a time. Once the machinery is installed, the baggage claim area will get a complete makeover.

Throughout the construction in baggage claim, there always will be two operating baggage carousels to handle passenger luggage and checked belongings. In a year what passengers and visitors will see is a bigger, brighter baggage claim area with easy way finding and quick access to Ground Transportation services.

It also will be a breeze for passengers to get to their rental cars. Work at the Rental Car Pavilion site adjacent to baggage claim began in February 2013. In the spring of 2014, the rental car companies will move from their current location inside the airport into a new, airy brighter and bigger pavilion.

Things could get a little loud and a little messy during the construction, but the temporary inconvenience will lead to long-term improvement of the customer experience at Charleston International Airport.

We will explore the new Rental Car Pavilion in an upcoming blog, so stay tuned.

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