Bye-bye brick floors, hello terrazzo


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In some parts of the airport you can still hear the clickity clack of luggage being rolled across brick floors. It’s endearing the first few times you hear it. It’s a sound synonymous with quaintly traveling through Charleston International Airport. But eventually it’s just plain noisy.

That’s changing, and passengers are going to love the upgrade as much as we do.

As part of the terminal redevelopment at CHS, the brick floors are being replaced with terrazzo – a smooth, luxurious flooring that is not only beautiful but quiet.

Just what is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is made from chips of glass, marble, quartz, granite and sea shells. It can be made astiles, or in our case, mixed on site and dyed before it ispoured into pre-laid forms that create patterns and shapes.

According to Cabella Stone Corp.’s web site, terrazzo was created by the Venetians who would take broken pieces of marble and mix them with clay to create floors. Buffing the rough, dried mixture with hand stones would reveal a smooth finish.

Once only used in churches, libraries and government and commercial buildings, terrazzo is now used in just about any heavily traveled areas, such as shopping malls, subway stations, and yes, airports. Its popularity is due to its durability, versatility and low maintenance.

Most of CHS’ new terrazzo floors will be white with gray striping detail. More intricate patterns as well as colors are planned in places like the Central Hall, which when complete will be a gathering place for people waiting for arriving passengers.

Best of all, as you roll you luggage to your gate, the only sound there will be is the buzz of excited passengers all around you as they fly out or return home.

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