CHS meets Lowcountry Harley-Davidson


There is no mistaking a Harley – from the low rumble that resonates down the highway to the classic design that elevates the motorcycle to a two-wheel work of art.

Since 1903, Harley-Davidson has produced the most enduring and recognizable motorcycles in the world. And now the Harley brand is coming to Charleston International Airport.

Charleston’s own Low Country Harley-Davidson is among the new retailers that concessionaire The Hudson Group is bringing to the airport when the terminal redevelopment is completed later this year. Hudson currently operates Harley-Davidson shops in five international airports: Kennedy, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville and Pittsburgh.

People from all walks of life, from all over the world, love the feel of wind in their face and the sun on their backs, and Low Country Harley-Davidson has been part of that experience since 1979. Located on Dorchester Road near Interstate 526, Low Country Harley-Davidson boasts the largest Harley motorcycle sales and service center in South Carolina at 66,000 square feet of space. Its distinctive farm theme includes a four-story silo that can be seen from the highway.

In business for more than 30 years, Low Country Harley-Davidson will bring the spirit of its local store to CHS. To be located across from the airport food court, Low Country Harley-Davidson will feature an open storefront with signage set against a steel background reminiscent of the steel of each bike. Inside, a flat screen monitor will play music and broadcast images reminiscent of the freedom and spirit of the open road that is a part of the American Harley culture and lifestyle.

While the motorcycle defines Harley-Davidson, the airport retail store will offer a wide range of products and merchandise for the CHS traveler. Among the products is custom apparel for men, women and children, travel accessories, custom souvenirs, leather accessories and toys. Not everyone can own a Harley Davidson, but everyone can own a piece Harley merchandise – all without getting any bugs in their teeth.

And don’t be surprised if you hear the Harley rumble in the airport. The airport store will have a diamond-plated floor that will serve as a pedestal for a showpiece Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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