Concourse B facelift is under way


Some days a seat is hard to come by in the Concourse B boarding lounge, which is home to four of the six airlines serving CHS. It will get tighter but it will get better.

As part of the Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program (TRIP), Concourse B is getting a total makeover and frequent travelers and visitors won’t recognize the place when the work is all done.

We’re expanding Concourse B from five to 10 gates, installing new boarding bridges and adding space for three food and beverage outlets and two retail stores. The layout and seating plan may be the most noticeable change, aside from the new floors and taller ceilings that will create a brighter, coastal feel to the entire concourse. The boarding lounge is one big room now. When construction is complete, each airline will have a dedicated lounge area located off a central hallway – odd number gates on one side of the hall and even number gates on the other.

The expansion is already under way. The apron at the end of the concourse is abuzz with activity as construction crews prepare to drive the pilings that will support the new building extension. (See October 21 blog).

Foundation work for the Concourse B extension is expected to be done in January 2014. That’s when the new building will go up. Once complete, the airline gates will move into the new part of the concourse and the existing concourse will be renovated. All the work is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2015.

To accomplish the expansion while the concourse remains in use, existing airline gate locations will temporarily relocate over the course of the construction. All of this requires coordination with and cooperation from the airlines and other tenants in the terminal.  The project team is working closely with CHS tenants to minimize, as much as possible, the disruption to passengers and businesses.

In the end, the temporary inconvenience of construction will lead to long-term improvement of Concourse B and provide passengers with a brighter, more open boarding lounge that also offers expanded connectivity and more dining and shopping opportunities.

Fast Facts
- It will take 119 concrete piling to support the Concourse B extension
- It takes approximately 20 blows from the pile driver to force the concrete piling into the ground one foot.
- Each 12 x 12 x 12 concrete piling is approximately 35 feet long and weighs about 5,250 pounds.
- CHS' Concourse B is home to American, JetBlue, Southwest and US Airways

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