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  • Charleston International Airport was built in 1985 and had changed little before the terminal redevelopment began in 2012. Think about this: If the mobile phone, invented in 1973, had not changed in 30 or 40 years, it would be big enough to be considered a personal item alongside your carryon luggage.
  • There are 2,000 new ways (electrical outlets and USB ports) to charge your mobile devices.
  • We have installed 114 miles of cable for data, voice and security systems. That is enough wire to stretch from Charleston to Columbia.
  • If we put last year’s record 3.4 million passengers into motor coach busses and parked those busses end to end, they would stretch from Charleston to Miami.
  • All the glass in the airport helps create the bright, open feel. There’s 80,000 square feet of glass, or 1.8 acres. That’s enough to cover 1.5 football fields.
  • We have 123 new reminders to be on time for your flight – all new flight information monitors located throughout the airport.
  • Dining concessionaire Delaware North Co. serves 300 gallons of coffee a month. That’s 32,000 cups a month. Are you awake yet?
  • The brown tile floors installed before luggage had wheels (can you hear the click clack, click clack) have been replaced by 2.3 acres, or 100,000 square feet, of terrazzo. That’s enough to cover six hockey rinks.
  • Getting your luggage is easier now that we have 3,200 lineal feet of new baggage conveyor belt. That’s enough room to line up 1,920 pieces of 20-inch luggage end to end.
  • We poured 543,600 square feet of new concrete on the apron, or 12 ½ acres, which is the size of 10 football fields.
  • Where’s the beef? In Burger King, where they grill up 9,000 burger patties every month.
  • Thirsty? Grab a southern favorite – some iced cold sweet tea. At CHS, 3,900 gallons of tea are consumed every month. That would fill a 12x52 above ground, round swimming pool.
  • The terminal footprint has grown from 330,000 square feet to 429,000 square feet. We could build 36 new homes in that additional space.


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