“My Name is Blue, JetBlue”


What’s in a name? For JetBlue airlines it’s all about the blue – from nose to tail fin.

Big Blue People Seater. I Got Blue Babe. Pretty Fly for a Blue Guy. Bright Lights Blue City. Blue Jean Baby. Bada Bing Bada Blue.

Each JetBlue aircraft, including those that fly in and out of CHS, has a name. It appears on either side of the nose of the plane and always includes the word “blue.” The names are developed by crewmembers (JetBlue employees) in an annual competition. The person whose name is selected for a plane receives getaway packages bonus points that can be used toward ticket purchases.

At the other end of the aircraft, JetBlue sports their own unique tailfin design. Barcode, Blueberries (pictured at left), Bubbles, the Windowpane, Stripes and Harlequin all give the JetBlue tailfin a splash of blue and a distinctive look.

“Our tails are iconic reflections of our brand, and their timeless styles make them instantly recognizable,” said “Blue Tales,” the JetBlue blog. A Cubist inspired design is the newest tailfin having launched in October 2013.

JetBlue began operating at CHS in February 2013.

Learn more about the JetBlue tail fin at Blue Tales.

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