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If you need extra batteries, headphones, an MP3 player, or a digital camera for photos of your trip, Tech on the Go will be the perfect place to find them. The tech gadget store will be among the new retail shops at Charleston International Airport when construction and renovations are completed in late 2015.

Tech on the Go has 13 stores currently in the U.S. and Canada and is also prominently featured as the Tech section in more than 450 Hudson and Hudson News stores across the U.S. The Hudson Group has provided retail concessions at Charleston International since 2000.

Airport travelers are among the most tech savvy of consumers making this kind of store a “must have” concept for any concession program, according to CHS’s retail partner The Hudson Group.

Tech on the Go offers an array of electronics with a focus on travelers and their needs: cell phone accessories, MP3 players, iPods and related accessories, notebook computers, portable memory storage devices, software and PC games, digital cameras, PDAs and GPS devices as well as carrying cases, components, jacks, plugs, adaptors and cords.

The large assortment of merchandise is from leading manufacturers like Sony, Canon, Phillips, Panasonic, Plantronics, iGo, Skullcandy, Koss, Bluetooth and others. Tech on the Go also features the power and battery solutions to keep these electronic marvels working. Tech on the Go is the place at the airport to look for today’s great electronic gear – and the juice to power them.

Hudson’s rebranded Tech on the Go store is vibrant, energetic, and hip. The sound bar at the center of the space will be an interactive, ADA accessible station where customers are able to fully explore and try out the special features of the different products.

The store concept evolved from the frequency response of an electronic equalizer. The yellow and orange rectangular boxes that wrap up and over the ceiling illustrate the movement of the frequency bands. The fresh and vibrant hues of yellow and orange invokes energy and invites the customer into the store to explore the innovative products and brands that Tech on the Go has to offer. The vibrant hues of yellow and orange contrasted from the stark, bright white finishes help create a fresh shopping experience for the most innovative technology on the market.

Ready to check out? Tech on the Go has adopted a new point of sale concept where employees actively engage with the customers in the store. They will the capability to ring you up with handheld, innovative technology so you can head to your gate to begin your travel adventure.

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