Ticketing Hall renovation begins


Everyone loves musical ticket counters – oh, wait. Just us?

We appreciate your patience as we prepare the Ticketing Hall for more renovation work. Progress is already starting to show with the placement of curbside glass walls and the opening of a new entry vestibule. More work gets under way soon.

Delta Air Lines’ has moved from its ticket counter into new, but temporary, space across the Ticketing Hall. Coupled with the consolidation of the US Airways and American Airlines counters (the two airlines have merged) it is now possible for demolition of the old counters to begin so rebuilding can follow.

Delta’s new location remains at the east end of the Ticketing Hall, right across from its old ticket counter. Curbside checking is also still available to Delta passengers. The curbside station is located by the new entry vestibule.

Renovation will begin immediately on the ticket counters. JetBlue and United Airlines will be the first to move into their new locations in January 2015. American/US Airways will move into their new ticket counter in March 2015 followed by Southwest Airlines in June 2015. Delta will be the last to move into its permanent home. (Note: Dates are approximate move times; exact dates will depend on construction.)

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