Filming at CHS

Commercial television, film, still photography and other similar production companies interested in filming at any of the Charleston County Aviation Authority's properties and airports must first apply for a film permit.

Download PDF here

Please allow at least two weeks for processing and review upon submission of a completed permit application. A completed application must include proof of insurance and a $50 application processing fee.

Filming of commercial aircraft is not allowed without the expressed written permission of the commercial aircraft owners being filmed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain letters of agreement from the appropriate commercial aircraft operator and submit those along with the application for a film permit. Likewise commercial filming or photography of other brands/companies in and around the airport require advance written permission of the brand/company owners. In some cases permission may also be required from other companies doing business in the area, various law enforcement agencies and other contractors.

Filming on airport property is not permitted without advance permission.

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