John Duckworth

John Duckworth’s works transcend the line between realism and abstraction. His photographs are infused with an intimate knowledge of nature, a passion for pure color, and a rhythm drawn from life itself. His trademark style involves abstracting the photographic image to lend the work a much lauded painterly appearance. By providing the viewer a sense of place, yet obscuring the details, he allows each individual to step into the image and bring forth their own visual history. The ensuing narrative is enriched through the power of memory, infusing a personal creative process with universal appeal.

‚Äčjohn-duckworth.jpgDuckworth's art imparts a calming, meditative and contemplative quality intended to elicit a deeper consideration of ourselves and our environment.  He is most well-known for his quietly abstract landscape photography of the Southeast coast, wherein the images read as luminous, rhythmic color field paintings. 

More recently his work has become immersive multimedia experiences involving video, music, performance, painting, and photography.  

His long-standing meditation practice inspired a new body of work culminating in an exhibition entitled "AWAKE" - an immersive multimedia experience guiding each visitor through eight sequential rooms and over 90 original works of art, while wearing wireless headsets playing ambient audio composed for each room.  This work is multi-layered and diverse, including photography, painting, screen-printing, airbrush, spray paint, audio, video, design and performance.

“I wanted the exhibition to be alive - as I sat in meditation 2-5 hours a day for two months I was changing, transforming myself as part of the process.”
 Duckworth lives and works in Johns Island, South Carolina and New York City.

Duckworth's piece entitled "Ashley River #84224" is on display on Concourse B.

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