Parking Transformation

Charleston International Airport has provided a pleasant and memorable passenger experience for decades, in part because of its small size and easy-to-use facilities. 

The 2016 completion of the Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program (TRIP) has transformed use of the airport and revitalized the overall image. It was the impetus for proactive planning and development for the airport's future, which is essential for continued long-term success.   

Remote Parking Lot Expansion

Construction began in the summer of 2018 to convert two seasonal, remote parking lots along Porsche Boulevard to a single parking facility. The work will increase the number of parking spaces available to passengers.

  • A combined 1,482 remote lot parking spaces of which 178 are new and created by joining the separate lots.
  • Improved lighting  and landscaping
  • New exit toll booths
  • New entry and exits lanes
  • Four covered and lighted shuttle waiting areas
  • Will provide for passenger parking during the construction of a new five-story parking garage. 
Construction is slated to be completed by November 2018.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot Expansion

The cell phone waiting lot was created in 2009 to ease traffic congestion in front of the terminal and create a passenger convenience.

As passengers rely more and more on mobile technology in their daily lives, more people take advantage of the cell phone waiting lot. Parking is free and it is just a short drive to the terminal to pick up someone once they have their luggage and exit baggage claim. 
  • Double the size of the lot from 40 to 80 spaces
  • New ingress and egress to make parking easier
  • Improved lighting and landscaping

Construction began in the summer of 2018 and will be completed by November 2018.


New Parking Deck

An architectural concept was approved in May 2018 and design work is under way.

The existing parking deck was built in 2005 and houses 1,268 parking spaces. The new parking deck will substantially increase available space for our customers. 

  • 3,000 parking spaces on five levels
  • Pedestrian passageway connecting the new deck to the existing deck and the terminal
  • Improved intuitive wayfinding
  • State-of-the-art security and lighting
  • Parking information technology 
  • 50-year lifespan
  • Complimentary design to blend with the existing parking deck and the renovated terminal
  • Future first level rental car facility

Construction is slated to begin in early 2019 and be completed by the end of 2020.

Ride-Share Staging Area

With the growth of app-based ride sharing services, it has become necessary to find ways to accommodate waiting drivers without disrupting the flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic on the airport loop road and curbside in front of the terminal.

Our parking master plan proposes to relocate the ride-share vehicle staging area from its current spot in front of the Aviation Authority Police Department to a new 100-space lot on International Boulevard adjacent to the Cell Phone Waiting Lot.

No timeline for construction has been set yet.

Third parking deck

As the airport continues to grow, our parking plan includes an option to build a third parking deck adjacent to the current deck. It would resemble the design of deck number two, which will be built starting in 2019.

No timeline for construction of a third deck has been determined yet. 


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